September 23, 2016

About us


Baker View Christian School provides a safe and enriched environment in which students can thrive and discover the joy of being life-long learners, active thinkers, develop positive attitudes, and learn to work together as a community. Students are given the opportunity to explore, discover, and apply concepts in the real world. We embrace the philosopy that all students can learn, and together with teachers, can strive for academic excellence.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve as partners with parents providing a Christ-centered education of academic excellence for each child.

The BVCS Family exists to TEACH children about Jesus, NURTURE their love for Him and others, MENTOR them to think, and EMPOWER them to serve.

Our Philosophy

BVCS earnestly seeks to provide a spiritually-based, well-rounded education for children.  A belief in the existence of the Creator God is fundamental in our philosophy.  We respect His divine authority and recognize His loving involvement in human affairs.  We believe that a Christian education develops the spiritual, mental, and physical powers of each student; preparing them for the joy of service in this life and for the higher joy of service in the life to come.  To achieve this goal, we encourage each student to:Develop a personal relationship with God and care for people as stated in Matthew 22:37-39
Master the basic academic skills
Value labor – both physical and mental – as a benefit to God, others and self
Cultivate physical fitness, mental ability, and moral purity as the blessings God intended.
BVCS is locally-operated, with the benefit of guidance and direction from the Office of Education (Seventh-day Adventist Church), which oversees over 6,000 schools world-wide with the advantage of over 150 years of academic leadership.


Lifelong Guidelines:
No Put-Downs
Active Listening
Personal Best

Life Skills:
Integrity – To act according to a sense of what is right and what is wrong
Initiative – To do something because it needs to be done
Flexibility – The willingness to alter plans when necessary
Perseverance – To keep at it; to continue in spite of difficulties
Organization – To plan, arrange and implement in an orderly way; to keep things orderly and ready to use
Sense of Humor – To laugh and be playful without harming others
Effort – To do your best
Common Sense – To use good judgment
Problem-Solving – To create solutions in difficult situations and everyday problems
Responsibility – To respond when appropriate, to be accountable for actions
Patience – To wait calmly for someone or something
Friendship – To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring
Curiosity – A desire to investigate and seek understanding of one’s world
Cooperation – To work together toward a common goal or purpose
Caring – To feel and show concern for others
Courage – To act according to one’s beliefs
Pride – Satisfaction from doing your personal best
Resourcefulness – To respond to challenges and opportunities in innovative and creative ways